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Sea Hyun Leeb.1967Between Red-39, 2008


Sea Hyun Lee
Between Red-39, 2008

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yMusic, Beautiful Mechanical

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Avishai Cohen - Emotional Storm

Will reblog any of this album.

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Too many calories are bad for us. That doesn’t mean we should consume none. Too little exercise can lead to bad outcomes. That doesn’t mean you exercise to the point of hurting yourself. Too much sun can cause cancer. That doesn’t mean we should never go outside. It’s a cliché but true: In so many things moderation is our best bet. We have to learn that when one extreme is detrimental, it doesn’t mean the opposite is our safest course. It’s time to acknowledge that we may be going too far with many of our recommendations.
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They get it.

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from the playlist I call fucked standards.

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Dinah Washington Relax Max

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samba as fuck.

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